Rebellion and Triumphant Trump

Title: F*ck the Police Artist: Unknown Location: Athens, Greece Date: November 24, 2013

Title: Kill Em All Author: Unknown Date: Nov. 9 Location: Ann Arbor

Over the past few months America has had to deal with one of the biggest election surely can describe its aftermath. People, especially in Ann Arbor, were stunned with the results of this election. The resulting graffiti is in response to his election and connects to the F*ck the Police piece in Athens.

Many people respond to a situation where they feel uncomfortable in two ways, violence or sadness. In the case of Donald Trump, his supporters flooded the streets and painted horrific phrases of racism, sexism and islamophobia. His supporters targeted the minorities of the nation by putting themselves on a pedestal: white supremacy. With this they corrupt not only the community within, but the nation as a whole by influencing the movement.

Title: Wellsville police looking for person who painted swastika Artist: Unknown Location: Wellsville NY

When people see pieces of derogatory graffiti in places that are suppose to be safe and free for expression, they are let down. Here in the community of the University of Michigan, the rock is an artifact that is used to represent one’s organization. Throughout the year hundreds of organizations will paint the rock and protect it rightfully so in honor of their organization. Just like graffiti the symbol of painting it over to mark your territory and challenging others. All the other examples of graffiti ended up being marked over or erased as well.

Title: Vote Them Out Artist: Unknown

Not only is the graffiti targeting specific individuals, there are many laws that can come into effect. Graffiti at its core is illegal. Although graffeurs get their pieces sanctioned, it is for the most part, illegal. The laws that can be enforced are punishable by as severe as imprisonment.

Fines as well as a misdemeanor are among those charges. Despite all these consequences, people still commit these crimes in rebellion against society and their support for Donald Trump.

Title: Team Clinton Attacks Artist: Jazmine Bailey Location: Trump International Hotel, New York

Even when I personally did not have a say in the historic 2016 election that involved much conflict between the two parties, the graffiti displayed hurts society. The impact of the graffiti clear does not provide anything meaningful such as the graffiti banksy or taki 183 made.


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